Equature Capture Suite

Equature  Capture Suite

Call Recording, Voice Logger, Call Logger, Public Safety Software

What is it?
Equature Voice Recording – Traditional Phone (TDM)
Equature supports TDM recording for Analog, Digital and T1/E1. Major manufacturers like Avaya, Siemens, Nortel and Mitel are supported. Analog recording is supported based on Activity, Voltage and Contact Closure. Smart Triggering is a must for robust recording platforms. This eliminates calls blending together providing configuration flexibility for your unique environment.
High Density T1/E1 capture is great for larger installations. Smart Triggering and data capture make equature the leading recording platform serving commercial and government markets.

Equature Voice Recording – VoIP Equature supports Voice Over IP recording from most manufacturers including Avaya, Mitel, Cisco and ShoreTel. The capture protocols including SIP, SCCP, H323 and MGCP are supported in Equature. There are two major methods for VoIP recording which are SPAN and SIP Trunking. Different recording options allow customers to program only the devices they wish to record.
The VoIP SPAN method is used for most installations and requires a SPAN or Mirror port to funnel the voice traffic to Equature for recording. The SPAN method provides true start / stop and all call data like Caller ID, Extensions, Dialed number and other relevant information.
The SIP Trunking / Bridging recording method is based on the SIP protocol and is great for large installations and NG9-1-1. Equature supports enterprise recording with the SIP Trunking protocol. For organizations with thousands of phones this works great because you can record just the phones you want, based on your needs.

Why is this important?
Each of the Equature Voice Capture modules are critical to have for liability recording and training. It is imperative that these modules are integrated and NOT separate platforms. Equature provides flexible and integrated voice capture across every audio source eliminating maintenance headaches and providing a unified repository for end users saving time and money for our customers.

How does it work?
Equature Voice Capture Modules are integrated and setup at time of installation. The audio sources and recordings are available for searching and reporting. This works if you are recording 24 channels or 10,000 channels. The diagram above shows a simplified example of the capture method.

Motorola® ASTRO P25 Recording / MCC 7500 IP Dispatch Consoles

Is your agency moving to the MCC 7500 IP Dispatch Consoles? The good news is you have options to record the ASTRO P25 radio system. Also, you can record all of your communications (911, Video, Text & Radio) with one solution. You do not need two separate recording platforms. Find out more below.

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